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4 Handled Jar Sandblasted

4 Handled Jar Sandblasted

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  • Dimensions: 25.6in D x 39.4in H
  • Color: Brown
  • Crafted from high-temperature fired terra cotta
  • Textural sandblasted finish
  • Asian earthenware style
  • Frost-resistand for indoor/outdoor use

POTTERY GENERAL CARE Always place any Campania product on a solid level surface and not directly on grass, soil, or an uneven surface. Proper winter care is recommended for all Campania terra cotta and glazed planters for protection in environments with potential freeze-thaw cycles. If a planter is to be left planted over the winter, ensure proper drainage by 1.) Placing a layer of coarse gravel or other appropriate drainage material in the bottom of the container, and 2.) Making sure the drainage holes are not blocked. If the planter remains in contact with the ground surface over the winter, the freeze-thaw cycles may cause the planter to crack or spall.

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