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Acer plat. 'Royal Red’ - Red Norway Maple

Acer plat. 'Royal Red’ - Red Norway Maple

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The hardiest purple-leaf maple, this improvement on the popular Crimson King holds its rich royal purple color well throughout the season; makes a fine accent or shade tree for larger yards.

Royal Red Norway Maple has attractive purple deciduous foliage on a tree with a round habit of growth. The lobed leaves are highly ornamental and turn an outstanding deep purple in the fall. It is covered in stunning corymbs of lemon yellow flowers along the branches in early spring before the leaves.

Type: Tree

Water Requirements: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

Foliage: Grown for foliage, Deciduous. Good Fall Color

Foliage Color: Purple/Lavender, Red/Burgundy

Height: 30-40 ft. 

Spread: 20-35 ft. 

Hardiness: 4-8