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Bonsai Starter

Bonsai Starter

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Intended to give customers a head start for creating their own bonsai trees, Iseli’s Bonsai Starter cultivars have been staked and manipulated at a young age to create early movement and unique shape.

Bonsai Starter  – Zone 5

  • Chamaecyparis 'Cumulus'
    Chamaecyparis 'Just Dandy'
  • Chamaecyparis 'Thoweil'
  • Chamaecyparis 'Tsukumo'
  • Cotoneaster 'Streib's Findling'
  • Cotoneaster 'Thymifolius'
  • Ilex 'Dwarf Pagoda'
  • Ilex 'Jersey Jewel'
  • Juniperus 'Blue Star'
  • Juniperus 'Golden Joy'
  • Pinus mugo 'Mops'
  • Picea 'Blue Planet'
  • Picea 'Jean's Dilly'
  • Pinus 'Slowmound'
  • Spiraea 'Bullata'