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Callicarpa 'Snow Star' - Beautyberry

Callicarpa 'Snow Star' - Beautyberry

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Beautyberries satisfy a place in the garden with their decorative fruits that form in tight clusters along every branch in late summer and early fall. A one-of-a-kind selection, ‘Snow Star’ is certain to dazzle with its white, pearl-like fruits. Plump, plentiful and snow-white, these berries don’t turn brown like other white varieties that have disappointed. So whether you use the stems for cuts or the plant as a placeholder in your garden, this beauty berry promises to please.

  • Category: Shrub
  • Hardiness Zone:5-9
  • Height:5-6 ft
  • Spread:4-5 ft
  • »  Attracts birds
  • »  Blooms late summer through early fall
  • »  White, pearl-like fruits
  • »  Cut stems for floral arrangements