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SEEDS: Hyacinth Bean Ruby Moon

SEEDS: Hyacinth Bean Ruby Moon

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Grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, hyacinth bean is a dazzling ornamental with stunning, pinkish-purple flowers and shiny, dark purple pods that stand out against the purple and green foliage. Twining stems quickly climb a fence or trellis, trail across the ground for an attractive ground cover, or spill over container edges. Contains toxins; not recommended for eating. See inside for more information.

Botanical Name: Lablab purpureus
Family: Fabaceae
Hardiness: Perennial in USDA zones 10 and warmer, usually grown as an annual
Plant Dimensions: 10'–20 vine
Variety Information: Loose clusters of 1" purple sweet-pea-shaped flowers followed by attractive, shiny, 3"–5" long purple pods.
Exposure: Full sun to part shade
Bloom Period: Summer to frost
Attributes: Drought Tolerant, Good for Containers