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SEEDS: Amaranth Love Lies Bleeding

SEEDS: Amaranth Love Lies Bleeding

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The dramatic, crimson tassels of love-lies-bleeding make it a unique plant, with a long history in colonial American and Victorian English gardens. Place up front as a focal point, or in the back of a border. Tassels can reach 18", last for many weeks, and are excellent for fresh or dried flower arrangements. Also called tassel flower.

Botanical Name:
 Amaranthus caudatus
Family: Amaranthaceae
Native: Unknown
Hardiness: Annual
Plant Dimensions: 3'–4' tall
Variety Information: Each drooping red tassel (up to 18" long) is a colony of tiny, tightly packed flowers against dark green leaves.
Exposure: Full sun
Bloom Period: Summer to frost
Attributes: Cut Flower