Sansevieria 'Sayuri' - Snake Plant

Sansevieria 'Sayuri' - Snake Plant

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One of the more uncommon Sansevieria varieties, but no less beautiful, is the Sansevieria sayuri. It goes by the common names Sansevieria Metallica or Sansevieria Silver Siam.


Metallica Snake Plants are prone to root rot and need soil that is free draining. Gritty soil types are ideal. Potting mixes that are specifically for cacti or succulent plants are also recommended. However, they can grow in just about any type of soil so long as they have adequate drainage.  


Sansevieria sayuri plants are very adaptable plants. They can survive a range of lighting levels, from full shade to full sun. For best growth results, however, place your plant in a spot that receives moderate to bright sunlight. Too much direct sunlight can be damaging for your plant.


Less is more when it comes to watering the Sansevieria Metallica. Use the ‘deeply and thoroughly’ method of watering for this plant. Allow the soil to dry out before you water it again. Typically, once every ten days. In winter, water your plant once a month. Too much water will result in root rot.


It is best to keep your Sansevieria Metallica in temperatures between 60℉ and 85℉ (16℃ and 29℃). Temperatures below 40℉ (4℃) are harmful to this plant and frost can damage its leaves. Although it is not vital, 40% to 50% humidity is recommended for best results.