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Sempervivum 'Arctic White’ - Hens and Chicks

Sempervivum 'Arctic White’ - Hens and Chicks

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Sempervivum ‘Arctic White’ has a ghostly, glowing appearance. In fact, it looks like it’s covered in many thick layers of spider webs – hence its species name, ‘Arachnoideum’! Planted solo or with compatible plant pairings, ‘Arctic White’ stands out as quite cute and unusual. Planted en masse, however, it really makes an impact – like a carpet of spider webs!

Flowering time: May to July

Location: Containers, rockeries, xeriscaping, living walls

Soil: Well-draining compost with horticultural grit for added drainage

Light: Full sun

Water: Water in hot weather

Size: 10cm height, 15cm spread

Care: No feeding needed, but mix some slow release fertiliser into soil if repotting