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Simply Salad ‘Arugula’

Simply Salad ‘Arugula’

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Arugula has such a wide range of uses that the easier question may be what can you not add Arugula to?  Young leaves have a slightly nutty flavor and go well with fruits, salads, even sandwiches - a favorite is one made with local honey, bacon, blue cheese and a healthy topping of the flavorful greens! Arugula is even found as a topping for pizza! However you enjoy this tasty green be aware that the mature leaves tend to have a spicy flavor while the younger ones described as a more nutty finish. These greens are excellent grown in containers or in a mixed veggie garden!

  • Category:Edibles
  • Breeder:Goodness Grows Edibles
  • Hardiness Zone:8-10
  • Height:3-10 in
  • Spread:12-18 in
  • Bloom Color:Non-Flowering
  • Foliage Color:Green Shades